Changing Lives Nepal

Our mission is to catalyze sustainable, effective change from the inside in Nepal. We identify local individuals with initiative, and we support them with strategic small grants to foster new projects, develop required infrastructure, cover gaps in garnered funding, and sustain momentum at critical junctures.

Having a positive impact in a country like Nepal requires long-term commitment, personal involvement, and a vision–which is why our focus is on people. Supporting individuals who take action in their communities means supporting change on a personal level. Connection with people and with purpose brings meaning to our lives…and hopefully yours, too! We invite you to join us in changing lives in Nepal.

Our Projects

Our projects range from the decade-long creation of a viable organic tea industry for farmers who used to earn less than $200 per year to the gift of solar or gas cookers that allow Buddhist nuns to pursue their religious studies more regularly and conserve precious firewood. What all our projects have in common are individuals who are motivated to make change in their communities. The benefit of having a long, personal connection in Nepal is that we know people. We build relationships for change and direct grants for effective benefit.

We are 100% volunteer in the U.S., so that all donations go directly to the programs in Nepal. Learn more about the need in Nepal and about the impact of our endeavors:

Rebuilding Nepal: Supporting post-earthquake recovery.

Organic Tea and Organic Almonds: Creating economic independence, self-reliance, and new, locally-owned cash crop industries for farmers. Tea program video.

Children’s Home: Giving abandoned and orphaned children a home, an education, a family, and a future.

School Improvements: Renovation of kindergarten classrooms, finishing construction of locally-funded partial classrooms, and bringing computers to remote schools.

Buddhist Nuns: Supporting better cooking alternatives to improve the quality of life for monastic women and save forests.