Buddhist Nuns

In 2010, Deana first learned what nuns want. Since then, Changing Lives Nepal has provided the Debuche Nunnery in the Everest Region of Nepal with a gas stove and cooking cylinders and Rachen Nunnery in Tsum Valley with solar cookers. In these remote areas of Nepal, firewood is a scarce resource that not only contributes to deforestation but also takes hours of hard labor–hiking, chopping, and carrying heavy loads. One nun explained that they spend so much time chopping firewood that it detracts from their meditation and practice. Others talked about having to walk over 2 hours to collect wood and then carry it two hours back. By providing Buddhist nuns with more environmentally-sound alternatives, we also help free them for their spiritual studies and practice–to benefit all sentient beings.

Nuns of Rachen Nunnery

Rachen_Gompa_nuns stephanie merrin

Solar cookers to be installed in February 2014…
solar cooker 1

Debuche Nunnery

Traditional wood stove…

New gas stove…

Visiting the nuns to see how the stove is working out…

Replacement gas cylinder in a later year…
Debuche nuns w LPG 2