Deana Zabaldo and Nancy Porten are passionate about creating a positive impact in Nepal. After a decade of private support, and with a deep commitment to the well-being of Nepal’s people, we partnered in 2008 to support long-term, sustainable change in Nepal. Building on a personal, enduring connection to Nepal, we work with local people who are motivated to have a positive impact in their communities. Our goal is to truly change lives by helping Nepalis to create a better future themselves.

We are 100% volunteer in the U.S., so that all donations go directly to the programs in Nepal. Making a contribution in the world brings us inspiration, satisfaction, and happiness. We invite you to join us in changing lives in Nepal.

Highly motivated Nepalese people strengthen their own communities by driving sustainable programs for education, cultural preservation, and economic independence.

Our mission is to catalyse sustainable, locally-driven change in Nepal. We identify local individuals with initiative and support them with seed funding, gap funding, and strong encouragement for long-term growth and development.