4:30pm Hang out with the kids. Collect pictures they drew today with the markers and pencils I brought last fall. Inspect each one closely and praise mightily.


Neel talks with the kids before we go

5:30pm Visit nearby hospital to consider putting a volunteer there. Doctor only comes 2x/week. Hospital sees 40-100 patients in a day. And by hospital, I mean a place that doesn’t come close to our sterile, organized connotations of the word. It’s an… opportunity?

6:00pm Back on the bike. Curving, swerving, speeding (sort of), dust covered, going from hot to cold.

8:00pm Cross mountain pass, re-enter Kathmandu bundled in dust mask, windbreaker and hood.

9:00pm End 17-hour field trip.

9:30pm Sandwich, shower, sleep.

Wake up in the morning to a text message that reads: “Tibetan mask dance today. Want to come?” Yes, yes I do. Life in Nepal–it’s an adventure every day.