Video: Dr. Seuss Comes To Nepal

Ten children, two women, five goats and two cows–this is home for all of them. Our Children’s Home feels better every time I visit.


Neel and I with a bunch of happy kids!

Krishna has turned from quiet and scared to curious and engaged. Suresh has become the proud oldest brother, shepherding the others around. Sanchamaya has gone from hiding to helping cook. Ganga and Jamuna have become sharp students with a thirst for reading. Sanjay sits down next to me, wraps his arms around my leg, and rests his head on my knees, still soaking up the love and affection he didn’t have his first five years on the planet. And Laxmi, the 24 year old passive girl whom we hired to look after them all, has become confident and robust. The older children call her sister, the younger ones call her mother, and all are thriving under her care. It amazes me to find each of these individuals’ lives transformed through so little money and so much love.


Pasang proudly hands a baby goat to Mark and tells him all about it.

Mark Gunlogson from Mountain Madness gets a tour of everything from beds to barn. He also brings books and games to share. The kids dive in to Chutes & Ladders, thrust their arms out for friendship bracelets made by his daughters, and carry around handfuls of books to read. I lead a chorus of “left foot…right foot…front foot…back foot…” and then do it again in Nepali. When we all get up the next morning (at 5:30 am, of course), nine kids drag 16 books into the kitchen to read with their morning tea. No one needed to suggest it–they are excited by the stories and pictures and the simple fact of owning a book.


Reading in the kitchen with morning tea.