Ten kids meet ten quirky stuffed animal pillows…and fall in love.

Kids and Pillows

This spring Mountain Madness wanted to send gifts to our orphanage kids. I dutifully stuffed my suitcase with funny little stitched pillows, handmade by Girl Scouts, then stuffed them all again into a backpack so I could carry them on a motorcycle out to the home. Right up until the moment I gave them out, it was just transport and logistics. Why was I carrying 10 pillows across the planet??

The kids clustered around me, trying, trying, trying to wait patiently. I began reading animal-pillow names like Spaghetti-O, Mr. Mustache, or Bubbles, handing one to each child. The kids examined each one closely, eyes, ears, nose, hair, pockets, name tags, and then hugged and cradled them fondly. I had no idea how much they would be instantly loved, not only by 5-year-olds, but also by 15-year-olds!

Video: Orphanage Kids Introduce Their Stuffed Animals

Raising money may feed these kids, but what sustains them is something far more intangible. The Girl Scouts had it all figured out. Many thanks to Grace and her scout troop!