Sanju and Sukumaya

Sanju (age 13) and Sukumaya (age 14) will be learning to sew this summer.


Sukumaya was still experiencing some difficulty this spring, so Neel brought her to Kathmandu to stay with his family for a while. It turned out that her problem wasn’t possession by a forest spirit, but depression and fear about her future. At 14, she’s not thinking about a car or a boyfriend or a cell phone like a U.S. teenager. She’s worried about what she’s going to do in her life, how she’s going to feed herself, what kind of future she will have, and when she will have to leave our home. Neel had a long talk reassuring her, and her whole demeanor has changed. She soon wanted to go back out to the home to continue her schooling and to help her family (the house mother and other kids). Meanwhile, I knew that she was interested in learning to sew (both for fun and as a possible profession), so I found a sponsor for a summer sewing class. Sukumaya and Sanju will be taking daily sewing classes this summer…and then returning to school in the fall of course!